Hi there!  This is a site born out of the friendship of two girlfriends and their shared love of fashion.  We get together when we can and after we’ve caught up on all the things going on with us and our families, the conversation always turns to our latest fashion finds.  Since we met, I have been inspired by my friend’s incredible fashion sense and ability to put together the most amazing outfits, almost always managing to create these looks from items off of the sale racks.  Her sense of style is impeccable; her look glam in every way.  She is what I think of as “Fabulously Stylish”.  All this, being a busy mom and wife always on the go.

Over the last few years of taking care of my own children full-time as well, I have adopted the typical uber-casual mom uniform.  It’s a style (is it even a “style”?) that is definitely easy and functional, yet leaves me feeling like I need to get my groove back.  I would wear the same momiform over and over, and leave my cute clothes just hanging up waiting for a reason to wear them. Looking back, there was no real good reason for not wearing the cute stuff other than I was stuck in a rut. But thanks to my friend, who I shall call GG (for Glam Girlfriend), I am finding ways to put a hint of glam into the everyday. Cute can be comfortable and can be worn any day, no matter the circumstance. I no longer feel like I have to ‘save’ the stylish stuff for some unknown days in the future. In the process, I have rediscovered my love for fashion.

I am writing about what I like; things that I find to make my day to day outfits a little more “Casually Stylish”.  That’s how I would describe my style goals.  I love all fashion, but casual fashion is definitely me. I consider myself a fashion sharer, since I love to share things that I find and love with others, just as GG  has always done with me.  This blog is a great creative outlet for me and I hope it will be a place for you to be inspired and rediscover your fashion flair as well. I will be posting a few times a week, on items that make the ordinary feel a little more fancy.  Often, the items that I include in posts will also be on sale since I love to share a good deal!  Who doesn’t love a good sale? I will also keep a Seasonal Favorites page (currently Fall Favorites) as well, where you will find newer items that are my current faves of the season.  

If you are a busy lady that doesn’t have time to scope out the latest trends, then I hope to give you a place that saves you the time to hunt and search for pieces. If your goal is to look stylish on a budget, then I hope to give you great options that do not not break the bank. If you simply want to put some fun back into your wardrobe, then I hope to provide you with cute finds that put a smile on your face.

I hope to give you all ideas that make putting together your outfits easier. And remember… don’t save the cute stuff. Put a hint of glam into the everyday. Thank you for stopping by.